Santa is coming to Irishtown!!!
By Fire Police Lieutenant Mitchell Warner
December 17, 2022

We are proud to announce that we will be escorting Santa with a visit to our Irishtown community!! On Saturday December 17th we will be leaving the station with Santa at 1pm. We will be driving him thru the community to see our families , so be sure to come outside and wave hello on our way by. Our route description and maps are included so you can better judge when we will be arriving in your area. And you'll know we are getting close because we'll have Christmas music playing and sires blaring. For the couple of areas we are not reaching this year, Santa will be hanging around at the station for a bit once we get back. So feel free to stop up and see him before he heads out. We plan to be on the road from 1-2:30 (+/-) and Santa be with us till about 3:30. If there are any families that would like us to specifically stop at your house for a moment, please contact us on our Facebook page.

We are very excited that Santa will be spending the afternoon with us, and he's excited to see all of you!